Apartment building

The revitalization of the notorious part of the eighth district of Budapest began in the early 2000s. Its close proximity to the central ringroads justified the growth in popularity of the area. The construction of this residential building was one of the first steps taken in this process. The construction of the new buildings and the refurbishment of the surrounding public areas were taking place simultaneously. New typologies were introduced to resolve the extremely dense character of the district. The concentrated façade was formed by swivelling together two adjacent wings of the building with hanging corridors. The resulting narrow inner courtyard can only be seen from the kitchens and bathrooms. These three bands lay at the heart of the concept: the living spaces have windows either towards the street or overlooking the richly planted courtyard, while the stretched in-between space with its relatively wide corridors serve traffic and communication. The inward facing hanging corridors, characteristic of houses built at the beginning of 20th century, provided space for the active social lives of the residents. These corridors are vital in our plans and bring back the atmosphere of old turn-of-the-century neighbourhoods in the city center. In a way this building is a return to the roots of the corridor culture of central downtown Pest. The composition of the façade is smooth and plastic, dark and light, restrained and intense, point and counterpoint contrasts. The asymmetrical approach of the building is highlighted by a dark box, followed by a colourful and intricate pergola leading to the inner courtyard.

Projektnév Apartment building
Program apartments
Tipológia residental building
Helyszín Budapest VIII., Futó utca
Év 2001 - 2005
Státusz built
Méret 3 837 m2
Megrendelő OTP Real Estate Ltd.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Gergely Milassin,
Képek Gábor Máté

Axonometric view

Upper floor plan

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Longitudinal section