Architecture and Photo Museum

The role of modern museums doesn’t start and end with the production of collections, it is rather about creating a collection for public use and interpretation. The world of museums shifts slowly from the original static condition encouraged by good examples. Museums have become the scene for discussions and articulation of diverse opinions based on their exhibitions and presentations. On having a closer look at the development of museums, one might state that the accent will shift from functionality to polivocality and synesthesia. The building represents itself both as means of communication and as the object of communication. The museums are able to perform well in this new milieu which dispose of a strong atmosphere. Atmosphere means nothing else than space filled with spirit in this context that is something that mediates between our environment and our own condition.

Projektnév Museum of Architecture and Photography
Program museum
Tipológia public
Helyszín Budapest, XIV., Dózsa György út
Év 2014
Státusz design
Méret 2 316 m2
Megrendelő Liget Zrt.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Tamás Békesi, Anna Sára Kiss,
Képek 3h architecture