Benedictine Church and Bell Museum

The renovation of the roof structure and the development of the bell-museum offer an outstanding experience to the visitors, since the so far distant spaces like the attic, the tower and the treasury room become visitable as well. The architectural concept reconcile functionality with the demands of cultural heritage. The application of the modern infrastructural possibilities represents the Benedictine didactism and the preservation of intellectual and material cultural heritage as well. The result is a sacred, cultural, musical and community space, which is able to address non-religious people successfully as well.

Projektnév Benedictine Church Saint Ignatius of Loyola, church and attic reconstruction
Program museum and visitor center
Tipológia public, historical building
Helyszín Győr, Széchenyi tér
Év 2014 -
Státusz design
Méret 792 m2
Megrendelő Hungarian Benedictine Congregation, Saint Maurice Priorship
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Ádám Farkas (Project Leader), Gábor Kállay (Project Leader), Dorottya Garay-Kiss, Lilla Horváth, Anna Sára Kiss, Kristóf Molnár, Oszlányi Soma, Krisztina Tari,
Képek 3h architecture