BOH Office Building

We planned an office building in the north-western corner of the new city district in Budapest alongside the Kopaszi Dam and Lágymányosi Bay. This structure functions as a gateway to the new part of the city and allows the free flow of pedestrian traffic. When coming up with the design it was also an important goal to provide an attractive, inspiring work environment for those working in the offices. The building complex constitutes of two rings in black and white. They are articulated both vertically and horizontally, slightly dislodged from each other. As a result of these movements, two public spaces are created at the two opposing points of the building. With the covered-uncovered connection of the squares, a diagonal connection is formed, which can be the starting point of the district’s shopping street. In addition to facilitating pedestrian access to the neighbourhood, it also generates more traffic for the commercial units around it. Shops are located on the ground floor, while restaurants are placed on the first floor. An ‘S’-shaped office block protrudes from the intersection of the two rings. As the number of floors increases, the shape of the building is constantly changing. The ‘S’-shape is transformed into an ‘L’ and then turns into an ‘I’, providing a truly picturesque scenery for those working on those floors. Thanks to the lamellar solution of the façade, the onlooker can observe a beautiful view of the city in a spacious, expansive environment.

Projektnév BOH Office Building
Program office, commercial center
Tipológia office
Helyszín Budapest
Év 2019
Státusz concept design
Méret 66 096 m2
Megrendelő Property Market Real Estate Development Ltd.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Tamás Békesi (Project Leader), Gábor Kállay (Project Leader), Ádám Farkas (Project Leader), Zsolt Henczel, Kristóf Szabó, Kristóf Molnár, Tamás Szász, Gergely Vörös,
Képek Whitebox

Axonometric view

Upper floor plan

East elevation