Budapest South Gate Development

“The greatest virtue of the design proposal is that it offers a chance and opportunity for everything but does not force anything... The space formation of the proposal has an essentially architectural approach, but offers generous and differentiated structures that create a well-balanced unity and can be appreciated at urban level. Larger developments with a distinctive character, such as the office area along Soroksári Road, the Student City, or the northern office district create a city fabric that is a modern reinterpretation of the old traditions of Budapest. Compared to the latter, one of the most significant and appealing new features is the green space structure that gently covers the entire area… The great idea (or even trick) of the proposal is the introduction of a tunnel for the section of Kvassay Jenő Road towards Weiss Manfréd Road (also under the RSD)… Another large-scale proposal is to create a delicate and proportionally moderate canal through the Student City, that connects the harbour bay created in front of the building of Nagyvásártelep and the starting point of the rowing track. Its originality lies in the varied spatial system that is achieved by placing the pathway running along the canal one level below ground, so utilizing the significant level difference existing between the terrain/ground level and the regulated water level… With a gentle touch, the proposal places emphasis on Nagyvásártelep, the listed and iconic building of the area. It stands alone flanked on one side by the harbour bay, on the other by a large wooded area, while its foreground consists of small surfaced areas. This gesture lends the office strip of Soroksári Road and the space wall of the road itself the right structure, the built-green pattern gets repeated.” Excerpt from the jury's report

Projektnév Budapest South Gate International Master Plan Design Competition
Program urban design
Tipológia urban design
Helyszín Budapest, South Pest, North Csepel
Év 2018
Státusz international design competition 3rd prize
Méret 1 350 000 m2
Megrendelő Centre of Key Government Investments
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Ádám Farkas, Tamás Csépke, Lilla Horváth, Molnár Kristóf, Szabó Kristóf, Tari Krisztina,
Képek 3h architecture, Whitebox visual