Grössling Baths

Architecture isn’t merely the manifestation of the tangible. The architectural space is also formed by that which has disappeared – the lingering atmosphere of bygone eras which were absorbed into the walls emerge from time to time. Through this design, we were striving to revive the historic atmosphere of the bathhouse. The current Grössling building complex gains a new library function which also includes a café, thus transforming the bathhouse into a multifunctional space. In our reconstruction plan, we concentrated all the bathing-related activities in the original spa building to recall the atmosphere of that peculiar unit. This is heightened by the revival of the former spaces through colours and materials using modern technology. Due to the location and stylistic distinction of the former locker room, we felt that this would be the ideal spot for the library. A beautiful view of the Danube opens up from here, and the Bratislava Castle as well as the rooftop of the bathing house is also visible to the West. The wellness features are located in the attic and first floor of the North Wing. The rooftop terrace has direct access to the first-floor saunas. Offices and staff rooms can be found on the first floor of the West Wing, while apartments and a larger storage room are located in the attic. Our concept includes two cafes. One is a spa café, which is directly accessible from the baths as well as from the city. The other one is the library café on the 3rd floor of the study with an exquisite view of the city. We thought we could integrate the building complex into the city life more intensely if we increased the number of areas which can be visited from the outside.

Projektnév Grössling Baths
Program spa
Tipológia public, historical
Helyszín Bratislava
Év 2020
Státusz international design competition
Méret 7 500 m2
Megrendelő Capital city of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava General Investor of Bratislava
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Gábor Kállay (project architect), Kristóf Molnár, Tamás Csépke,
Képek 3h architects