Intermodal Centre

The intermodal centre should become part of the collective conscience of Debrecen, as the other large buildings and institutions of the city like the Great Church, the Great Forest, the museum of contemporay art or the football stadium in progress. With one dashing gesture –a roof covering the whole as a lace-fabric - we design a building that joins the tramway station, the local and long-distance buses and additional services (taxi, buses). This architectural act might become the new symbol of Debrecen.

Projektnév Debrecen Intermodal Community Transport Center
Program intermodal centre
Tipológia public
Helyszín Debrecen, Petőfi tér
Év 2013
Státusz design competition
Méret 42 956 m2
Megrendelő Municipality of Debrecen
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Tamás Békesi, Orsolya Pataj, Dorottya Garay, Zsombor Fehér,
Képek 3h architecture