Moorland reconstruction and visitor centre

This visitors’ centre and educational path, which suits both for scientific research and for the entertainment of tourists, focusses on the presentation of the living world of the moorland lying nearby. The main consideration was to create harmony with the surrounding nature and to fit the object into the existing landscape. The building sinks into the gently sloping ground, it emerges just seen from the water. The main access to the centre is a ramp cut into the ground, which already entertains the visitors by displaying reptiles behind glass panes. The main showroom and the deck in front of it overlooks the swamp. The layout follows the cracks and fissures of the landscape which manifests itself not only in the path running along the swamp, but in the design of the furniture as well.

Projektnév Moorland reconstruction and visitor centre
Program visitor centre
Tipológia public
Helyszín Keszthely
Év 2006
Státusz design
Méret 372,85 m2
Megrendelő Mű-hely Rt.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Gergely Barcza, Balázs Baranyai, András Gerzsenyi, Kinga Szabó, Orsolya Pataj,
Képek 3h architecture