National Museum of Natural History

In 2004, it was decided to merge the four existing natural history museums: Zoological Museum, Botanical Museum, Geological Museum and Botanical Garden under the umbrella National Museum of Natural History. The new concept will provide a maximum transparency to the city and the visitors.The elements of the Silver Square Complex are connected with each other by means of new glasshouses. The rhythm of old and new may lead to contrasts which make the exhibition space more interesting. The shape of the exhibition halls refer directly to the greenhouses of the botanical garden. Flexibility and that the majority of the exhibitions is placed on one level is a key element in the exhibition concept. The project aims at a clear layout and well-oriented connections for the various wings: exhibition spaces, collection, research and administration. As a result, the whole complex is characteristic for its clearly defined units and for its good orientation.

Projektnév National Museum of Natural History Copenhagen
Program museum
Tipológia public, historical
Helyszín Copenhagen
Év 2009
Státusz design competition, special mention
Méret 71 085 m2
Megrendelő University of Copenhagen
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Tamás Döbrönte, Mátyás Holló, Orsolya Pataj, Eszter Kovács, Domonkos Újfalusi,
Képek 3h architecture
3h architecture museum of natural history copenhagen plan

Basement floor plan

Ground floor plan

3h architecture museum of natural history copenhagen plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan