Otp HQ

This part of the business district along Váci út is almost complete. The existing building of OTP Zrt. can be found in the northern part of the planning area. The new building is to be connected to the already existing one from the south. Two pedestrian passages, one in the direction of east-west another north-south, cross the ground, and make the area more friendly and urban. Our design includes a building complex of three rectangular and one L-shaped block. The façades of the four buildings show minor differences but stay within the same context. The unity of the four characteristic components is ensured by the consistently applied vertical strip design on the façades. The overall picture is influenced playfully by the different width and appearance of solid surfaces. The different rhythms of the façade bands is enhanced by their concave, convex and blade-like appearance. When designing the buildings, we sought to show an elegant and understated architectural character to the outside world, that is counterbalanced by the lively world inside. The terraces with their soft lines seem like a walkable, on foot accessible artwork in the space. They bring a dash of colour into the monotony of the inside world. When on the move and depending on the actual standing point the plain glass surfaces always reflect a different picture.

Projektnév Otp HQ
Program office
Tipológia office building
Helyszín Budapest XIII.
Év 2017
Státusz restricted design competition, shortlisted
Méret 51 760 m2
Megrendelő OTP Bank Plc.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Réka Bánkuti-Tóth, Blanka Klenk,
Képek 3h architecture