Pedagogical College

The spatial structure composed by the existing educational institutions poses a question: should we plan conforming to the already formed scheme, or some other way? The building we designed attempts to continue the comb-like space structure, but at the same time establishes a „wedged” green element. This area be accentuated by the retraction of the Western building of the College to align with the new sports centre. Thus a North-South axis is formed, and the view is opened towards the green areas. Similarly, from the direction of the green areas a better view of the old town and the fortress is revealed. The new building of the Pedagogical College continues the existing comb structure, but at the same time represents a re-interpretation of the urban settings. The demolition of the old university building on Victor-Keldorfer-Straße provides the opportunity for exploration and visual contact towards South. Our plan aims to create a continuous relationship with the natural environment, in order to provide constant and conscious awareness of the urban landscape. Nature itself, as well as its sight was important in our plan; the free flow of the visual axes was a significant aim for us. The connection of the parallel building wings also raised planning issues. Our recommendation is a large glass installation or „display window” on the Nord Side, which would serve to enclose the wings, but also to link the university park and the green interior courtyard. The transparency of the glass mass is emphasized by irregularly arranged public „active zones”. This design is intended to create a balanced field composed of the fairly rigid old building, the connecting glass structure and the new academic wings, a spatial structure which is able to display both innovative and traditional educational principles.

Projektnév Pedagogical College of Salzburg
Program college
Tipológia public
Helyszín Salzburg
Év 2013
Státusz design competition
Méret 54 290 m2
Megrendelő Big Bundes Immobilien Gesellschaft
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Márk András Bartha, Zsombor Fehér, Lilla Kántor,
Képek 3h architecture