Puskás Office Building

Our concept responds to the design of the surrounding buildings and the particular urban fabric of the given area. The arch of the Puskás Office Building is the inverse of the László Papp Budapest Sportarena’s pebble-like shape, and with this polarity, it creates a connection with the facility and compensates for the round mass. The concavity of the office building ends in two high points, so it is on the same level with the height of the nearby hotel and the other office building. This creates a city gate-like formation. Its undulating, snake-like shape divides the building into 4 units. The strength of this plan is the design of the inner courtyards and their community-forming implications, as well as providing excellent lighting for those working here. The main motif of the office building is the structural mesh. As the building is located above the metro station, we had to take into account that the tunnel could not be loaded with much weight. As a result, we used an unusually strong static structure because that was the only way to include additional floors. Instead of hiding it, we tried to display this strength transparently, so it supports the building not only structurally but also aesthetically. Due to its connection with the metro, we used an unusual solution to divide the different levels. We have set up a shopping passage on the ground floor so people coming out of the metro can easily reach and use the commercial areas. Due to the tunnel, the car park was placed on the first floor and the offices start from the second level and up.

Projektnév Puskás Office Building
Program office, commercial center
Tipológia office
Helyszín Budapest
Év 2020
Státusz restricted design competition
Méret 38 000 m2
Megrendelő WELT - STADT IMMOBILIEN Real Estate Investor Ltd.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Gábor Kállay (project architect), Anna Szőgyi, Kristóf Molnár,
Képek 3h architects

Upper floor plan