"Red Poppy" Audi Forum

The multifunctional pavilion at the Audi factory in Győr is a bold venture that crosses boundaries. Intended for performances, presentations and celebrations, the building is lent an individual, expressionist-like sculpturality by the vibrant, vivid red of the blank walls, the network of sharply cut, separating contours and the row of seemingly cut-out openings (there are no doors or windows in the traditional sense). But the most powerful sculptural effect comes from the double ramp leading onto the roof, where the company’s latest car models can be shown off. The expressly anti-functionalist exterior stands in sharp contrast to the inside of the building in almost every respect. The interior boasts a single space that offers total flexibility to cater to the needs of different functions (conferences, theatre, ballet, etc). The whole interior structure is only there to serve the moveable partitions, the professional lighting and the plumbing and ventilation systems. It is merely a “frame” or “chassis” onto which the various high-tech “parts”, “accessories” or “fittings” can be bolted.

Projektnév Red Poppy Audi Forum multi-functional hall
Program conference room
Tipológia public, office building
Helyszín Győr, Kardán utca 1.
Év 2002 - 2003
Státusz built
Méret 725 m2
Megrendelő Audi Hungaria Motor Ltd.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, László Áder, Roberta Horváth, Viktor Pósa, Ildikó Raffayné Molnár, Krisztián Sallai, Tamás Simon, István Somogyi, Tamás Szabó,
Képek Gábor Máté