Riverbank utilisation

The location of Győr is exceptional, several rivers run through the city, the slogan “city of rivers” also refers to this symbiosis. Due to the reconstructions of recent years, some zones have a strong character, however, the riverside identity of these parts of the city exists only sporadically. Nowadays, it has become necessary to reconstruct the riverbanks, to make a comprehensive, integrated reorganization hence the shores provide an organic connection between the city and the river. The riverbanks function as an urban attraction, a recreational area, a place to work, a place to relax and meet, thus they must be designed to give them a clear space. The interconnection of these passages will play a key role in making the city more integrated with several smaller centres. In addition to the comprehensive vision, we also propose some local interventions, such as a rowing centre at the mouth of the Rábca, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting the two sides of Püspökerdő (the largest green area of the city), a parasitic pedestrian and bicycle bridge to the Széchenyi Bridge, pavilions next to the new district’s pedestrian street, and a cycling and marina centre at the inlet of Iparcsatorna (a channel once used for industrial purposes). Our concept proposes the development of the Móricz Zsigmond quay with services at the ground floor, arcades, riverbank and city promenades, creating a bustling city life, evoking the atmosphere of the historic downtown by contemporary means.

Projektnév Riverbank utilisation concept, Győr
Program urban design
Tipológia urban design
Helyszín Győr
Év 2021 - 2021
Státusz design
Méret - m2
Megrendelő Mayor's Office of the City of Győr
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Julianna Lánczky (Project Leader), Zsolt Henczel, Mirtill Mihály, Gergely Vörös,
Képek 3h architects, Lars Visual, Gábor Nagy


Dunakapu Square axonometric view

Cycling and Marina Centre floor plan

Pavilion floor plan

Pavilion axonometric view

Püspökerdő pedestrian and bicycle bridge site plan

Püspökerdő pedestrian and bicycle bridge axonometric view

Révfalusi quay

Révfalusi quay section