Sacre Coeur Friary

‘According to the designers, the proper management of architectural heritage means preserving quality standards instead of forms and solutions – you should examine what contemporary solutions can be given which are of the same standards as those of the architectural period concerned. The merits of their proposal are direct consequences of the above-mentioned thoughts focusing on integral spatial and temporal adaptation. (...) The main value of the proposed building is its sensitive adaptation to the urban fabric. As opposed to a classical corner building, it represents a completely unique solution in the dense urban quarter. It cuts out an area from the corner of the block crammed between narrow streets and gives it back as a space connected to the street visually and concerning its usage. Anna Zöldi: About the Competition Concerning the Renovation of the Nunnery of the Sisters of Sacre Coeur, The Sisters of Sacre Coeur contribute to the mission of the Church with education and consider facilitating personal and spiritual development as their most important calling. When re-thinking their nunnery, we created spaces supporting community life with regard to this activity, but at the same time, equal attention was paid to spaces for contemplation.

Projektnév Sophianum – Sacre Coeur Friary and Central Building
Program friary
Tipológia residential building
Helyszín Budapest VIII., Múzeum utca
Év 2015
Státusz restricted design competition
Méret 4 184 m2
Megrendelő Sophianum Nonprofit Ltd.
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Gábor Kállay (Project Leader), Dorottya Garay-Kiss, Anna Sára Kiss,
Képek 3h architecture