Corvinus Student Dormitories

The key of the design is to render the narrow inner courtyards more spacious. The solution is to extend the existing neighbouring courtyards: widening the “emptiness” expands the spaces and at the same time enhances the narrow courtyards’ exposure to the sun. In an indirect way, this solution may be conceived of as an organic continuation of the courtyards’ neighbourhood, and can also be seen as the propagation of the image of a legible city. For perfect harmony the block closing the street front was created taking building heights into account. The street front structure is complete with a retracted, meandering section, which is designed to complement the inner courtyards of the neighbouring buildings. The roof along the street front falls in with the character of the neighbourhood. The attic space thus created is a very special public space. Connection to the lower neighbouring building is done by spacing. The gap creates an exciting connection between the internal space of the block and the street space. The entire width of the ground floor courtyard is open to the street. The public spaces situated on this level, such as the auditorium and the cafeteria, are connected with the street through the glass front, which at the same time offers a glimpse into the green inner courtyard. In this way the street and the courtyard may be envisioned as a “single space.”

Projektnév Corvinus University of Budapest Dormitory and Professor Guesthouse
Program dormitory
Tipológia public and residential building
Helyszín Budapest IX., Czuczor utca 3.
Év 2017
Státusz design competition
Méret 4 439 m2
Megrendelő Corvinus University of Budapest
Csapat Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther, Gábor Kállay (Project Leader), Réka Bánkuti-Tóth, Júlia Boromissza,
Képek 3h architecture